Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Define Art, Design, Media and Technology and the theme environment. :D

Art: It is a process in which one purposely arranges elements to appeal to the viewers' senses. Art is generally made to stimulate thoughts and emotions.
Design:It is the planning for making an object. It can also mean the final plan before constructing an object.
Media:In the terms of drawing, media is the pencil or crayon used. In painting, it is referred to as PAINT.
Technology: It predates science and engineering, Internet and things like State-Of-The-Art technology.

the theme-ENVIRONMENT:
It is the circumstances or conditions that surround us.
It can also mean the complex of social and cultural conditions affecting the nature
- environmental science is about the study of interactions within the biophysical environment.
-environmental science is also an interdisciplinary field that involves both the physical sciences and the social sciences.

Done by: Grace, Zhi Qi and Sher Li.

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