Saturday, January 30, 2010

Notes on the P.I.E.S analysis.

Purpose: to find out peoples needs.

PIES : physical intellectual emotional and social needs.

Physical: things that our body need, like food, water, protection from weather elements, shelter, exercise and rest.

Intellectual: Things that help us to LEARN.

Emotional: feelings and expressions.

Social : interactive and networking.

Other Groups ( stroller ) :

Physical: The parents will not be tired from carrying the baby all the time.

Intellectual: the baby can play with the toys in the stroller.

Emotional: The baby will feel comfortable for the baby to feel happy.


Social: The mother can bring the baby out to meet her friends.

Physical: The mother will not need to carry the baby out but instead she can push the stroller which takes lesser effort.





Waiting for a bus at a bus-stop

Can protect from weather elements as it has shelter

can read the advertisements on the boards while waiting

feel safe and quite comfortable.

can talk to friends

Waiting for a train at a railway station


Television to see what time the train comes and to watch short clips while waiting.

Feel safe, comfortable, entertained.

can talk to friends

Waiting for a plane at an airport

Shelter and air-condition

has pamphlets, computer and television.

Feel safe, comfortable and amused.

Can send family off

Need: to keep people entertained.

Write down reasons.

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